zkCULT is a 0 tax community project lead and funded by an experienced founding team. Community is everything in crypto, so we aim to cultivate and grow ours while onboarding as many people into zkSync and $zCult while we do it! Yes, a cult-like following— no pun intended! While we will continue to strive to bring value to $zCult thru utilities that will drive adoption and become pioneers on this new blockchain, we understand nothing would be possible without our loyal holders, believers, and core supporters: #zkCULT members, if-you-will.

The founders are NOT anonymous and are the owners of a well-known development and project cultivation team, so are more than capable of growing the #zkCult into a dominating force. With that being said, regarding community, we aim to bring value not only to the #zkCult holders, but to the zkSync ecosystem as a whole. As we grow, these documents are subject to change, but for the purpose of establishing a formal documented foundation, we would like to let this serve as our version 1 white paper.

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