There is no end to the issues of projects having plenty of funding but lack of development. Usually, due to the decentralized and unregulated nature of crypto, unexperienced founders can find themselves in the situation of needing to bring continued value to their NFTs after a rush of speculative investors drive the price up quicker than expected. Sometimes, founders just might not have the network or in-house development team.

Projects can even find themselves in 'limbo', in-between updates or utility release. No matter the case, zkCULT's NFT Factory NFT Staking Platform House Of JPEGs is the solution to NFT projects who want to give their holders more. House Of JPEGs will offer the option for NFT projects to reward their holders with tokens of their choice.

By using our dApp to reward their NFT holders, $zCULT is being purchased (increasing the liquidity pool and value of the token), turned over to the treasury wallet where it will be manually burned, locked, used for development, or for reward pools pertaining to $zCULT. The pools will be paid for in 1-part #ETH and 1-part $zCult tokens.

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