Here is a view of what founders will see as they apply for a #NFT rewards pool! Each pool will require $zCULT and $ETH.
-Our first products will be both the 'Moon Owl Cult' NFT collection and the 'House of JPEGs'. More information will be documented here and in our communities closer to mint. $zCult tokens and $ETH will be required for mint. Again, specific details will be released in plenty of time before the mint and release date.
-Staking pools for other NFT projects. NFT founders will be able to pay with $ETH and $zCult for staking pools for their respective projects. NFT project founders will buy the necessary amount of $zCult and $ETH tokens, obtain the token of their choosing for rewards, and begin the 'Open a Pool' onboarding process.
If you are a founder who wants to open a pool, please join our Discord or Telegram Technical Support for more information:
Each pool currently costs 50000 $zCULT + 0.08 $ETH
Moon Owl Cult information:
More details TBA. The collection will be Minting on zkcult.monster. The biggest collection to fly onto the zkSync blockchain.
Supply: 4444
Mint price: TBA
Mint date: TBA
The Moon Owl Cults are the native NFT collection belonging to the #zkCult project. Aiming to bring passive utility AND exclusivity to holders of Moon Owl Cult and #zkCult!
NFT projects will be able to purchase staking pools that give token rewards for their NFT holders. Those NFT projects will need zkCult to purchase those rewards pools. This dApp will be called 'House of JPEGS.