The zkCULT team is not stopping there. After The House of JPEGs and ‘Moon Owl Cult’ NFT roll-out, we will target the zkSync token market. The amount of speculative tokens on zkSync is about 10x as many NFTs, and like the NFT market, nearly doubling every week. The same mechanics in place with The House Of JPEGs will be in place for these future developments: For projects to use our 3rd party dApps, they will need to burn $zCULT and provide $ETH. Creating a compounding effect in terms of revenue generation and deflationary/burning actions.

Everything the founding team does is to bring value to $zCULT. It has been this way since day 1. It will never change. Bit by bit… Day by day… #zkCULT will indoctrinate and we will dominate. We look forward to having you with us on our journey! More information to come in White Paper/Docs V2.

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